Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We have to age, but don't have to grow old!

As many of you know, Peter and Nonal Hubbard put on a demonstration on how to get the most out of our fitness center, but it was more than that.  Peter's approach to fitness for the our 55+ community is really sound.  It focuses on strengthening all muscles with an emphasis on core muscles, and it's very doable with the equipment in the fitness center.

His philosophy stresses that it's not about the weight you lift.  It's about being able to lift your grandchildren when the time comes. You have to age, but you don't have to grow old.

The video below is intended to do two things.  First,  it will serve as a refresher for those of us who attended, and it will give other viewers a flavor of what the workshop was about.

The video is NOT intended to be instructional.  It doesn't contain safety tips, amount of weight, frequency, and dozens of other things provided during the hour. 

Click here for PDF printed version

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