Saturday, February 16, 2013

PSNH Alternatives

Hi Folks,

Here's a guest blog post from Sherwood resident, Tony C. 

If you're interested in saving a few dollars each month on your electric bill there is now a way to do so.  NH now permits you to select the company that supplies the electricity for your account.  PSNH remains your service company and you only get one bill.  Other than the name of the company showing up on your bill as the electricity supplier the change is invisible. It would be as if you could select where DiFeo bought their propane.

The advantage is that there are several companies offering cheaper rates than PSNH.  ElectricityNH ( is the one I selected and I am now paying .0699 cents per KWhour versus .0954 from PSNH. With our usage from our last bill that meant a savings of over $15.

You can go on their web site and they have a FAQ section that will answer most of your questions.  Be sure and read their "Terms of Service".  The rate they offer is guaranteed until 11/30/2013 and you do have to sign a contract that will run until then. At that point you will be offered a renewal at the price then being offered.  Our rate was last years rate, the current one is slightly higher at .0728 cents per KWH.  Still a big savings over PSNH.  Signing up can be done on-line or over the phone and only takes a couple of minutes.
We did this for years with our electric company in CT and saved a good bit of money.  Check it out! 

Backyard Visitor

A day or two after the blizzard, I saw some tracks in the backyard, but that night has rained a bit. It was impossible to tell what they were.  Last night I set out the trail camera and got some shots of our visitor.

Monday, February 11, 2013

More World Records for the Hubbards!

Sherwood Glen residents, Peter and Nona Hubbard competed in Vermont this past weekend and Team Hubbard set more world records. 

Nona set three RPS World Records for the squat (250 lbs.),   bench press (155 lbs.), and total of 715 lbs. for three lifts.

In addition she was awarded the Sportsmanship Trophy.  This is given to the lifter that not only has great skills and power, but is a role model for the sport and inspires others with their attitude and work ethic. 
This award is not given at every meet and is considered a great honor.  Nona said it meant more to her than the records!

Peter also set a world record but as he said, "The day was Nona's"

Here Nona doing the 250 lb. squat. 

Congratulations Peter and Nona!