Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Thinning of Sherwood Forest

Three trees were threatening some of our homes.  Unfortunately, the pond on one side, a propane tank and a sprinkler control box on the other side made access difficult.  To compound the problem, one of the trees was probably the largest on the property.

We hired Accurate Tree Removal to bring in their giant crane to do the job.  Once the crane was in place, a climber was hoisted up into the tree where he attached cables.  Next he made the cut that would allow the crane operator to lift the tree section over the house, and lowered it to the street, where the trimming and chipping crew made fast work of the tree.

Dave, the owner, estimated the job would take about three hours.  They pulled into the development at 7:00 AM and pulled out at 9:45.  He was "Accurate" in more ways than one.  The work was quick, clean, professional, and safe! 

The video below shows some of the tree sections being lifted over the houses. (Note: Action has been sped up by a factor of 4x.)