Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Co-existing with Beavers

As many of you know, because of the hard winter and wet spring, we've had a problem with the beavers damming up the culverts that runs between the upper and lower pond. We formed a committee that has been researching and experimenting for about a month.

Eliminating the beavers or the dam was never a consideration. This week we will meet to determine what action to take. I've put together a 5 minute multimedia presentation and a proposed solution to present at the meeting. I've also asked for comments from Mike Callahan's Facebook group. Mike is probably the leading expert in the country on beaver pond flow control and has implemented more than 750 solutions around the country. His group consists of a wide range of nature lovers, naturalists, and experts.

Please click here and take a few minutes to watch the presentation. I'll post more as we move forward.


  1. Flow control vs. repeatedly trapping beavers makes common sense and smart use of dollars and cents. It is the right thing to do for the animals at the same time.

  2. Dear Art,

    Best to you and your condo in educating the public on the many real benefits of beavers.

    Sharon and Owen Brown PhD operate a sanctuary as well as an educational resource and tools for understanding the beaver animal and how to coexist. They know the latest tools for controlling water levels and they are not expensive and are a wonderful resource.

    Their website is and they are called Beavers, Wetlands and Wildlife and are located in the Adirondacks. I have used their advise and support regarding beaver situation which I will share with you in another email and I know they would not mind if I gave you their phone number which is here:518-568-2077

    sincerely Gudrun Scott 607-478-8793 - more later about my own experience with beavers.

  3. Art,
    Wow, I'm very impressed at your professional slide show AND your willingness to work with beavers. I only wish you lived in my neighborhood. :)

    One thing, may have been just a one-time glitch, but I think the solution #3 slide played twice.

    I hope you have great success, and will post updates on our Beaver Mgmt. Forum.