Monday, November 15, 2010

Live Free or Die!

We just got in from a 6 hour trek from South Jersey and Raymond. After we unpacked and unwound a bit, I checked my email and Facebook where I found the video below.

I wish I had it when we were in NJ. Everyone we met would ask us how we liked it. After saying we love it, the conversation usually flowed to the reasons. Of course, out grandson toped the list, but right up there near the top are the people, the pace, and the general life style. This would be great to show!

The video is of Blue Color comedian, Juston McKenny. He was born in Portsmouth, NH and moved across the river to Maine when he was in 5th grade. That fact is portrayed hilariously in this routine. If you live in the area, a thinking of living in the area, or have ever heard of New Hampshire, you should watch and laugh!

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