Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Leach Field Update

As you may be aware, we have had an ongoing problem with ATVs and snowmobiles using the leach field behind the pond for their personal tracks. Aside from trespassing, they could potentially cause thousands of dollars of damage to the leach field pipe system.

We have been calling the police and they are patrolling it periodically. They said they would send their ATV up there if we can notify them when it is happening.

We have contracted to have a chain link fence and gate put up at the entrance of the leach field and today action was taken to block their initial access to the property.

 The ATVs have been coming down the power line trail and entering our property in back of the Arrow leach field. A large tree had been placed at the entrance to our trail, but they went around it, through the woods, and across a small gully to our trail.

 Today, Chris, one of Kellop's equipment operators, took the excavator and placed rocks to block that access and two other potential access points.

Clicking on this picture will enlarge it and give you an overview of the situation.

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